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Treena S & Jeff H



We wanted to take a minute to thank you for the exceptional job you did with our main floor renovation. From the first day we met you to discuss the project you exceeded our expectations. You were professional and thorough. My husband and I were extremely impressed with the information you provided in terms of your insurance, business license, police check and letters of reference. Additionally, we were thrilled to hear you tell us that with the removal of a wall came the consultation with an engineer. The fact that you were not willing to cut any corners was very impressive to us. We had interviewed MANY contractors who claimed to know what to do and many told us not to bother with an engineer. So glad we didn’t listen to them.


Once the job was started you were meticulous in your work. You always kept us posted on timelines and when challenges were encountered, which is  a normal part of any large renovation you clearly explained our options and estimated costs. There were never any surprises. My kids loved coming home to see what you had accomplished each day. They really loved having you and Miquel around even when the house was in disarray. Additionally, you tidied up every day and did your best to manage the mess …. A hard feat when the entire main floor has been ripped up.


Finally, you finished on time and on budget. The results are amazing. We get so many compliments on the changes to our main floor. You will be called on again for any and all renovations we take on in the future. I can’t imaging wasting my time with any other contractor after working with you. You truly were a class above the others with a fair price. A tough combination!!!




Thanks again for transforming our space. We love it!!


George Lovera was referred to us by several people, which was telling of the quality of his work and his professionalism. George came in to our home to help us with a basement renovation of a bathroom and bar area, as well as with door installations for closet doors, and completion and finishing of cork flooring.


To say George was polite, would not do his courtesy and respect justice. He was by far, the most conscientious and courteous person we have ever had in our home as a contractor.


George managed both repairs and new installations with expertise. He let us know what we needed to do, but also what was not needed so we could stay within our budget and on time.


As the cabinets he was installing were high gloss and delicate on the finish, I would usually be concerned about someone causing a scratch on a surface like this. I didn't need to give George any direction on this. He knew what to do, was extremely cautious and gave me a great suggestion on a beautiful finishing piece that would have otherwise gone unattended to.


As we were on a tight timeline for our work, George pulled in all the resources he needed to meet and surpass our deadline. We have young children in our home, as does George, and we felt very comfortable having in our home, as did our children.


He was quiet, clean, impeccable in workmanship, timely and communicated with us as often has needed to ensure all our needs were met. We would highly recommend George and Lovera Homes to anyone in need of construction and contractor assistance!


He arrived every day on time and with courtesy and professionalism. You would not regret using Lovera Homes for any of your home projects.

Marianne Wilson

We have had Lovera Homes work on two renovations in our house within the last year, both completed to our utmost satisfaction.


George listened to and respected our wishes, made many helpful suggestions on details such as tile and flooring choice, glass installer, and yet didn’t "oversell” a product or choice if it didn’t suit us.


George was thorough and professional in every step of the renovation: from giving us a fair and reliable quote, to sticking to his schedule as best he could, to keeping construction dust to a minimum and tidying up the work space at the end of each day, we could not have ask for a better contractor and builder.

Bonnie Greene

We hired Lovera-Homes to fix a backslash that a very large company had installed badly during a renovation.

George found time during the busy season, met us to pick out new tiles that would be guaranteed to work in our kitchen. George and his team were in and out each day, leaving a clean kitchen to work with. The result is beautiful.

And George is really nice to work with. Couldn’t recommend him more highly.

Elizabeth Natale

George came highly recommended to lay the beautiful tile work and completely renovate my main bathroom. Having an older home, it was time to completely replace the bathroom.

Upon meeting George you are immediately impressed with his integrity, honesty, kindness and his expretise in professional business.

I was astounded and extremely pleased at the detailed written contract George completed for me. Nothing was missed, no surprises, reasonable costs. This alone gave me a good feeling of the type of workmanship and his attention to detail I was going to receive and which I did receive.

Tarps were laid down from the entry door of the bathroom. Every evening they were lifted and stored so that they were not in the way of normal traffic through the house. They wore a different pair of boots inside the house and, as this winter, that was much appreciated.

Being a most pleasant person, George made a point of pleasing me and listening to what I wanted, making suggestions and I drew well on his expertise. He happily accommodated my last minute changes. Any issues were brought to my attention immediately and quickly resolved, He and his workers were most tolerant of my two dogs who had to know what was going on in their home. I had no problem with going about my life and leaving George in my home to do the excellent work he is so good at.

I must be added to the very long list of George's satisfied customers! Anyone who needs remodelling, tile work, bathroom, kitchen and floor work would be most pleased with the results of Lovera-Homes


Thank you George!

Mario and Mafalda

We would highly recommend George for any home renovation work. Recently, we renovated all three bathrooms and the foyer, we are very pleased with the outcome.

To begin with George provided us with a detailed quote detailing the work that he would perform and the cost for the same. He also gave us a time line of how long it would take to do the work, and he succeeded in completing the job within that time frame.

We were impressed with the time and patience that George and his assistant took to do the work to achieve the best result. They were very punctual and at the end of every day, they would clean up as best they could. If George encountered any problems during the job, he kept us informed of it and provided possible solutions.

Jack and Thresia

George most recently assisted in our kitchen renovations as well as our bathroom last summer and we would highly recommend him for any home renovation work.

George and his assistant were very punctual, cleaned up after themsleves and took the time to ensure nothing was in my husband's way as he is visually impaired. Attention to the installation of handicap devices was competent and thorough.

George worked with me to ensure he captured all my ideas, provided a detailed quote and laid out the costing in a very concise manner.

We were impressed by George's patience and attention to detail to ensure the job got completed to my specifications. If he encountered any issues, he was quick to bring it to my attention and brought forth solutions to overcome any obstacles.

Jim and Marion

We recently had two bathrooms and a powder room completely renovated by George.

George gave us a quote along with a time period to expect completion and he was able to for fill all as specified.

Jorge was courteous, prompt and knowledgeable. He kept us informed of any problems he encountered and he was able to solve them to our satisfaction. George, along with his helpers, were well organised and kept the work place neat. They always cleaned up before leaving each day.

Grant and Marie

We hired Jorge because he was highly recommended by a neighbour who was most pleased with his workship.

After speaking with us regarding our complete renovation of a main bathroom, George gave us a detailed written contract, including exactly what he would do, the cost and starting date.

Our project started Oct 9/12 as planned. George and his apprentice, John, arrived daily at the time agreed upon.

We found Jorge friendly, a hard worker, willing to listen to our concerns and always paid attention to details. We are pleased with the results and highly recommend Jorge. He is most dependable and trustworthy.

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